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Tips to Help You Plan Your First Botswana Safari

Tips to Help You Plan Your First Botswana Safari
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Are you thinking of heading to an amazing wildlife destination but unsure where? Well, we have an answer for you and that is Botswana. The ideal spot to get in touch with nature and look at its stunning beauty from up-close, Botswana is a delightful country. It has not been explored as much as certain other African countries like Kenya or Tanzania, which means you will have your own “road not taken” moment as you get to explore untouched wilderness and yet remain in a protected environment. A Botswana safari is guranteed to tempt you to bring out those camouflage clothes and cameras so you can get amazing experiences and even better pictures of said experiences on your great African safari!

  • Why pick Botswana?
    Most people who visit Botswana do so because of the amazing safaris offered here.
    Firstly, the main thrill of beginning a Botswana safari is that the easiest way to get around to any of the safari outposts is by plane. You can charter a small plane to take you directly into the heart of the land, making it by far the coolest entrance out of any others. While airborne, having a birds’ eye view of the African plains is literally a dream come true for most. This thrilling experience only sets the mood and tone for the rest of the trip, provided you’ve planned well in advance and have all the details down pat.
    Additionally, a wildlife safari is a great activity that parents can enjoy with their kids. Most lodges are child-friendly. Though, they do recommend that children should be at least 8 years of age before accompanying their parents here.
  • Regions to consider for a safari in Botswana
    There are many regions in Botswana which will be able to give you brilliant safari experiences. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones. The Okavango Delta is one of the most famous spots that you should definitely cover and it is recommended that you start your Botswana safari with it. During the dry season, which ranges from May to October, you will see giant herds of antelope, zebras, elephants, and buffaloes visit watering holes. If you wish to do something unconventional, then take an old style canoe known as a mokoro to explore the lily-covered regions of this delta.
    Speaking of the unconventional, you can also enjoy the Kalahari Desert, which is actually one of the most inhospitable places on this planet. The animals that reside here include cheetahs, lions, and even jackals. There are many local guides who can be hired to take you through the lesser known regions of the lovely sanctuaries and wilderness to explore rock paintings.
  • Best time of the year to visit
    The dry season and winter, which spans between the months of May and September, is the best time to undertake a North Botswana safari. In the months between June and October, the Okavango tends to be completely flooded, making travel unsuitable. During this time, you will also notice that the savanna’s grass is quite low while the waterways have a huge population of wildlife right there. If you want to consider Central Botswana, then the best time to visit is during African summer. This is when the region’s lovely grasslands are witness to a huge number of animals out to graze.
    If you want to center your trip on the school holidays, then the months between June to October are the right time for you. The period between February to April is not ideal to visit because this when you may not be able to witness much wildlife due to thick vegetation.
  • Where to stay?
    Not all safaris are planned out in the same manner. There are many different permutations and combinations of activities, accommodations as well as environmental factors that go into making the perfect Botswana safari. Lodging options may begin from a tented mobile safari and can go up to a permanent luxury camp as well.
    If you want to zero in on a tour operator for a Botswana Safari, then one of the most popular options is Kwando Safaris; a company which has set camps in coveted destinations like the Linyanti Wetlands, Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and even Nxai Pan National Park. Still, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family or on social media sites before narrowing down on a tour operator that fits your budget and itinerary.
    While a Botswana safari may not seem so tough to plan, if it is your first time, we recommend you go with an established tour operator. Efficient tour planners can even plan menus depending on your dietary preferences. Also, they ensure your safety. Lastly, it is essential that you plan your trip at least four to six months in advance as the best accommodations get sold-out during peak season.