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Customer Loyalty Programs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Customer Loyalty Programs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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When a business model is successful, many rush to follow its strategy or something similar. Rental cars are one such business model. It has seen phenomenal success throughout the country over the years. Many succeeded and some not as much. Rental cars are a blessing to those who need a car but don’t own want to own one. Rental cars are also an alternate for those who own a car but prefer renting cars for short trips, weekends, or vacations. This helps them protect their own vehicle. Young people form a big chunk of rental car users.

The choice of cars, drivers, prices, discounts, location, and customer service are some key features which determine a company’s future. Some could be more expensive than their competitors; however, they could lead the race because of various other factors.

Why Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a top favorite among users?
Enterprise Rent-A-Car has remained in the top favorite rental car service for some time. Although their costs are slightly higher compared to other leading players, they have loyal users. They have various offers, packages, and discounts for first-time and regular customers. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is ideal if you want to avoid the additional hidden costs that change the total cost significantly.

Additionally, the variety of cars offered are endless. From small, exotic to SUVs, trucks, minivans, vans, etc, the company has it all to suit your budget and needs. Currently, the company has branches around 6000 locations across the country.

Moreover, you can rent a car for an hour, a day, or a week. The services cover most airports and many cities. They also provide pick up from an airport and 24*7 emergency roadside assistance. Another benefit is that the process of reserving a car is easy. One can simply register online or at a store. Enterprise offers several car rental programs catering to the needs of individuals, groups, and businesses. They have a reputation for good, well-maintained vehicles along with trained and authorized drivers. They keep regular customers informed about all their new deals, offers, and discounts. They can redeem their points anytime at any location worldwide. Enterprise is present in all the 50 states in the country and Canada, Puerto Rico, EU, Caribbean, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Their point systems and discount are available for all customers but may vary according to the location.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car loyalty programs
Enterprise car rentals strongly believes in rewarding frequent customers, which eventually turns them into loyal customers. The more you rent cars from them, the more eligible you become for some rare discounts. The four loyalty programs that Enterprise offers are:

  • Enterprise Plus®
    Membership is free and anyone who has used about 0-5 rentals and points for every rental.
  • Enterprise Silver
    Those who have rented Enterprise cars about 6-11 times are eligible for this. They receive 10% bonus points for every rental.
  • Enterprise Gold
    Anyone who has rented a car for 12- 40 rental days is eligible for this program. They earn 15% bonus points for every rental dollar. They also are eligible for two free car upgrades every year.
  • Enterprise Platinum
    Anyone who has availed 24 rentals in 85 days is eligible for 20% bonus points. They are also eligible for four free car upgrades.

Redeeming accumulated points
Once a customer understands a plan they are eligible for, they can redeem their points when they make a reservation. The points are valid as long as the membership is active. There are no blackout days and the free rental days can be redeemed in any of their locations worldwide.

Benefits of the loyalty program
The points earned by members are valid as long as they are active. They are eligible for global recognition with the company’s partners. They also become eligible for priority and faster customer service. Members can also transfer their points to another Enterprise Plus® member once in a calendar year. Members will receive a reminder of upcoming reservations, and the benefits they are eligible for. The website also encourages them to redeem their points and claim the free rental days and car upgrades as and when applicable.

However, one needs to be careful as free rental days are only on base rates and is subject to availability. Kindly refer to the terms and conditions to check for your eligibility.

How to become a member?
Anyone above the age of 21 can become a member of the Enterprise Plus® program. They can either become a member online or visit a branch close to them. You will be assigned a membership number, which will help you track your rentals and points.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is in partnership with the United States Automobile Association (USAA). All their members are eligible for the following benefits:

  • No fee for young renters below the age of 25
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Discounts on daily low rates
  • Family members of USAA members can hire additional drives at no extra charge