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All You Need to Know About Alaska Cruises

All You Need to Know About Alaska Cruises

If you have been planning to visit Alaska for way too long, now would be a good time to plan a holiday. With the summer coming up and several cruise lines getting busier than ever, ensure to make the most of the weather with some great deals. Before we look at some of the best operators, here are some reasons why you should visit Alaska on a cruise.

  • It is a multigenerational destination
    There is something for every age group in Alaska. You would possibly find several families with young children during the summer break enjoying the cruise. It certainly gives an opportunity for people to meet different cultures and share friendships across borders.
  • Access to nature and ice
    One must explore the breathtaking views in Alaska. If you have limited mobility, the view from the deck of one’s accomodation should be more than enough. However, if you can hike during the excursions, you might be lucky enough to encounter the bald eagle or a moose. When cruising the Glacier Bay, a national park ranger accompanies you. This will help you gain a lot of lesser-known information.
  • Make the best of the deals
    We have just about 4 to 4.5 months of summer; this means most of the cruise lines would be out there wanting a full house! As a result, you are most likely to get the best deals.

What factors should be considered when picking a cruise ship?

  • Ensure that you pick a slightly longer itinerary. You really cannot get a glimpse of Alaska if it is a 2-3 days trip. Also ensure that it gives you some time off for activites like hiking, etc.
  • Of the many destinations in Alaskan cruise, the Inside Passage is one of the most renowned places to visit. It is a string of islands situated in southeast Alaska.
  • Most of the stunning location, including the Inside Passage, cannot be accessed by big ships. Smaller ships help you sail the narrow passages. Besides, if you are on a ship, you would be cruising far away from any others, which reduces your chaces to spot a bear. This is certainly an important factor when considering which cruise line you should pick.
  • Look for a cruise that gives you an all-inclusive pricing deal. Sometimes cruise lines give you major discount deals, but will exclude some crucial costs. Mostly, alcohol or any additional dining service would be excluded from the deal. This means that you will end up paying far more than what you signed up for.

Cruises and their pros and cons:

Crystal Cruise, Alaskan 

  • Pros
    Everything about this cruise is picture perfect. It is meant for  sophisticated travelers and has pretty much every amenity one would need onboard. There are several verandas to view wildlife and glaciers. It is also known for its diverse cuisine and service.
  • Cons
    Although it is a big ship and has several programs for children, it is less family-oriented. The cruise can also get quiet for some people.

Holland America

  • Pros
    It offers quite a lot of activities and has stops in less-visited ports, like Homer and Kodiak to name a few. Usually, they entertain fewer guests and are children friendly with age-specific activities.
  • Cons
    They book early and have fewer verandas. Also, they are quite particular about their dress code.

Norwegian Cruises 

  • Pros
    Fewer rules in regard to when you should eat. Fewer announcements too. Their late-night chocoholic buffet is quite a showstopper. It also has Vegas-like entertainment with several sports activities.
  • Cons
    Long lines for dining. Additionally, it could get a little noisy for some.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

  • Pros
    Elegant is perhaps the right word to describe this cruise. There are several enriching onboard lectures and talks to make your trip both educative and entertaining. The rates include alcohol as well.
  • Cons
    Nightlife could be boring and it is quite pricey compared to other lines.

Silversea Alaskan Cruises

  • Pros
    This is luxurious with fine dining. It has innumerable cabins with spacious and private verandas. Additonally, a lot of attention is given to cultural enrichment.
  • Cons
    There are no activities for children as such and there is not much of a night life.

To conclude, the right cruise line depends entirely on what you like and what you wish to experience.