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7 Best Car Rental Services

7 Best Car Rental Services
Car Rental

Car rental companies provide automobiles to those who don’t own a car. From exotic to spacious to conventional cars, these companies provide them all for short periods of time. You could hire cars for a day, a week, or weeks together. Anyone who needs a car when theirs is under service or repairs can use this service to make their life easier. What had started as  an offering of a car for a fee, slowly innovated and added more services, beating the competition.

Rental car companies offer services like car insurance, GPS, free entertainment, car phones, and even Wi-Fi. However, child safety seats, wheelchair lifts, surrogate drivers for disabled travelers, and additional drivers are a part of value-added services provided by some car rental companies. They also offer various benefits and loyalty discounts for customers. These points can be redeemed as free rental car days or could help in the reduction of the total bill amount and more.

Although rental cars are convenient to use, the process to choose the service is not. There are too many services providers available. There is not much to distinguish them apart other than what they have to offer. But the factors that will tilt the customer towards one company over the other are:

  • Hassle-free registration process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good range of well-maintained cars in all classes that do not breakdown half way
  • A swift and responsive emergency roadside assistance in case of breakdowns
  • Authorized and trained drivers when needed
  • Disability cars
  • A polite and efficient 24*7 customer service
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Protection of privacy
  • Recognition of loyal and regular customers with price reduction and exclusive benefits
  • Insurance and accident compensation packages to keep the user covered
  • A swift process to settle disputes with regard to rates and miles
  • Presence across many locations in the country and abroad

Any service provider who can fulfill or satisfy most of the customers’ expectations can easily walk away with a big chunk of the business. Customers should choose a service provider not just based on the cost but also consider other parameters that would actually matter more than the cost.

A reduced cost but bad quality of cars can lead to a chaotic experience. Based on the above parameters and the value of business, some of the top car rental services in the country are:

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    With 6000 stores across the country, they have no hidden additional charges that inflate rental car bills. Their average base rate is around $50 per day, but still ends up competitive as they do not add small charges. They have schemes that offer bigger savings if you move across locations and rent the car for a month or more. They have one of the widest ranges of exotic cars.
  • National Car Rental
    National ranks high in customer satisfaction and has a hassle-free process. Their business rental program is the most sought after with partner companies where employees can get cars at contracted rates, saving them from last minute reservations. They also have tie-ups with airlines and hotels, where the points accrued from them can be used to get benefits in car rental costs.
  • Alamo
    Averaging at $42 per day, it offers one of the best features of unlimited mileage to its customers. The company also offers a second driver at a much lesser cost compared to its competitors. They rank high on customer service too. Loyalty is rewarded with a guaranteed additional 5% discount.
  • Hertz Car Rental
    Hertz is one of the largest groups in car rental services. They are available at most airports, covering about 1600 of them. People flying for work frequently vouch for Hertz as it saves them valuable time shuttling between airports, home, and workplaces. The average cost is around $48.50. It has a wide range of cars for families, business, and millennials. They have a fleet of hybrid cars for those who are concerned about carbon emissions. Additionally, they have some niche features, like GPS and city guides for tourists. They also have online a trip planner that can be downloaded onto your GPS.
  • Dollar Rent A Car
    Part of the Hertz Group, this is one of the cheapest car rental services. It is popular because of its rewards programs that result in savings over and above the rates. There are a wide range of cars available. Compared to other services, they provide basic value for money but customers need to do their research if they are looking for more services and features.
  • Thrifty Car Rental
    Part of the Hertz Group, this too is an inexpensive service. They are present in 500 locations across the country and cater to those who are looking for cheaper rental cars. They have a user-friendly and efficient online system to track both their cars and the customer history.
  • Avis Car Rental
    With a base rate of around $60 per year, Axis is one of the more expensive services. However, registered customers are eligible for discounts. There are many discount and coupon codes offered by Avis. Those who know the nuances of locating coupon codes can actually reduce the cost by 30%. Their app is user-friendly and guides one for a seamless experience.