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6 Tips on Choosing the Top Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas

6 Tips on Choosing the Top Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas

One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, Las Vegas welcomes tourists from around the world at all times of the year. With its promises of glitz and glamor, there is something or the other happening at every corner of Vegas. A huge part of ensuring the success of a trip is guaranteeing a comfortable stay, but a lot of people tend to scrimp on this. If you have been opting to stay in budget hotels all this while for fear of burning a hole in your pocket, this trip can be different for you! Choosing one of the best luxury hotels in Las Vegas is actually easy and affordable if you follow these tips. Read on ahead to know how to choose a top hotel in the party city.

  • Scout for deals online
    This is undoubtedly the first step to getting a good deal on a great hotel no matter where you are headed off to. Travel websites and apps offer fabulous deals and discounts all through the year to frequent fliers and even those availing deals for the first time. So, it is best that you check for a deal online, as opposed to heading to an agent or a tour company, both of which tend to charge extra. In addition to this, while searching for travel deals online, make sure to cross-reference your results with at least two or three other sites to be sure that you are getting the lowest deal you possibly can on the best Las Vegas luxury hotels.
  • Choose the time wisely
    The kind of prices that you pay for your hotel in Las Vegas really depends on the time of the year that you travel. Weekdays are always more preferable to weekends since rooms are slightly cheaper. The same goes for the time of the year; the holiday season will have higher hotel room rates. If you travel off-season, you can end up staying at any of the best Las Vegas luxury hotels for a fraction of what they would charge in peak season. So, as much as possible, try to travel when everyone else doesn’t.
  • Consider the location
    Location is of prime importance when choosing a hotel in Vegas, Always opt for a hotel on the main Las Vegas Strip. This will keep you within walking distance of all the fun places to shop and hang out at without having to spend a fortune on getting around by taxi. In fact, the main Las Vegas Strip has a whole range of hotels to suit every pocket from luxury to budget, so you need not really have to worry. If you are making your reservations online, do check the hotel’s proximity to tourist attractions so that you do not find yourself stranded at some far-off location.
  • Call up the hotel
    When you find a great deal on a travel website, consider calling up the hotel and seeing if they can match that deal or even offer you a better one. If you plan to travel in a big group or want to stay for more than two or three nights, chances are high that the hotel will try to match the deal or even offer you an upgrade. The likelihood of this happening is higher during weekdays or off-season months when the hotel would rather give a discount than risk its rooms having extremely low occupancy. As a paying customer, it is your right, so ask away.
  • Try out newer properties
    When making a reservation, do not forget to check out brand new hotels as well. Many travelers mistakenly believe that newer properties will be more expensive to stay at than well-established ones; however, this is not always the case. In fact, brand new hotels are more likely to offer big discounts in an effort to attract customers in the highly competitive hospitality industry. If you read up online of a new hotel opening up, do visit their website and sign up for email alerts if they have the option. This will keep you updated on the latest deals as and when they come up so you can be sure of getting a good price on your luxury stay.
  • Check for more in-house restaurants
    This might not seem to be of much importance when choosing a hotel, but it is. The peak hours for dinner are between 6 and 8 pm and endless dinner lines for buffets can get huge and leave you frustrated. So, you can either dine outside of these hours or book a hotel that has a minimum of 3 or 5 in-house restaurants so you do not get stuck waiting in line with a rumbling stomach. This is an especially important consideration if you are in Vegas on a business trip as it saves you precious time. If you opt for a luxury hotel, you usually do not have to worry about long queues at all as the top hotels in Vegas normally have at least 10 to 15 in-house restaurants, lounges, and cafes to satisfy your appetite.