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Touring the Canadian Rockies from Calgary

Touring the Canadian Rockies from Calgary
Canadian Rockies

Most Canadian Rockies tour begin from Calgary as the city,  nestled right at the foot of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, acts as a connector between the peaks and the prairie. It also houses the International Airport, thereby providing easy access to get going on your Canadian Rockies tour.

The lively city of Calgary
This city is a hub as it has a variety of cultures together. It is always lively year-round with art, music, theatre, and dance. As a result, the locals see the Rocky Mountain adventure as a way to celebrate life. With plenty of heritage sites and museums, Calgary connects you to the national parks nearby as well the world-class botanical gardens and zoos. There is an annual event named Calgary Stampede that is hosted around July. This event celebrates the western heritage and the place with pride.

The city of Calgary connects to you the Banff National Park of Canada, which is just an hour away. It’s the perfect example of a city which is bustling with sophisticated urbanization while being the link to the mountainous landscape beyond. When you pick a Canadian Rockies tour from Calgary, you need to connect anywhere as most of the standard packages begin right from this region.

How do you travel from Calgary?
The best thing about Calgary is that it is a city full of options to choose from for your adventure. Driving there is a great start to exploring the mountains as it allows you to travel at ease with complete flexibility. Additionally, there isn’t much difficulty navigating the roads. This is ideal if you are a passionate driver, or you can always go the easy way and rent a vehicle with a driver. This can help you get some local guide as well in the form of your driver.

Make sure you do a lot of research on the price estimates because some operators can be really expensive and could have hidden costs. Another alternative is to pick transportation inclusive Canadian Rockies tours from Calgary as they will take care of all the necessities for your trip from the beginning to the end. At the end of the day, traveling at ease is important if you want to enjoy the whole scene while also being able to save money.

Where do you find accommodation?
Ultimately it is your choice if you want to camp at a single place and travel between places nearby or find accommodation along the route you choose to travel. If you are visiting the Banff National Park, you can easily pick a place near Lake Louise as opposed to changing your lodgings.

Moreover, ensure you plan your itinerary so that you can stay in one place and yet access the popular places around you without hauling your luggage around every now and then. This trick not only saves you the trouble of check in and out but also makes you feel safe as you know where you are heading to and fro.

There are many types of accommodation available. You can find luxurious resorts with a spectacular view and all amenities if you are ready to shell out some dollars. If you are looking for a budget trip, you can enjoy the local bed and breakfasts or go to campsites and pitch a tent. You can also have the option of a motorhome if you are traveling by self-driving.

A great suggestion would be to look for accommodation either in Banff or Jasper as they act as small connecting towns with a lot of places to explore around. It is also easier to get back into Calgary from these towns. Both the towns are nearly three and a half hours away. This will help you plan your stay better and you could visit many other popular sites before moving onto the other destination.

Make note of the weather before you leave on your trip. Ensure you have all your essentials when you set out on your Canadian Rockies tour from Calgary. It is advisable to spend a day in Calgary and get all you need if you are traveling all by yourself. This will make your trip easier.