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Top Luxury Experiences You Can Enjoy in Africa

Top Luxury Experiences You Can Enjoy in Africa
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Africa is one of the top destinations on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list. From wildlife safaris to adventure sports, there is plenty that this continent has to offer. Many tour operators have customized tours to take travelers through different countries in Africa. It is advisable to pick a trusted provider after verifying their credentials and reading reviews by travelers online.

2017 saw many interesting travel trends, some of which are picking up again this year. Here are the top luxury African tours of 2017 that are becoming popular again:

Fly in a private plane across Kenya
Kenya is every wildlife lover’s dream. The varied biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes make it a top-notch safari destination. Traveling by road can make you miss a lot of wonders, but that should not stop you from ticking this country off your bucket list. Opt to fly through Kenya on a scenic air safari. Typically, this safari allows you to see endangered species from a bird’s eye view. You can go for a tour that offers private planes so that it’s just you and your loved ones. Most air safaris in Kenya will take you through the Great Rift Valley, Laikipia, Maasai Mara, and Samburu. The exhaustive itinerary makes this one of the top luxury Africa tours of 2017 that is still in high demand today.

Stay at a forest villa in Rwanda
Rwanda has gained a lot of popularity recently because of its stunning scenery and remarkable wildlife. This country is also home to some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas. You can opt for a Rwandan tour offered by Wilderness Safaris to watch the endangered silverback gorillas. For roughly $1299 per person per night, you get to stay at Bisate Lodge, Rwanda’s first luxurious and eco-sensitive safari camp. Located in the natural amphitheater of an eroded volcano cone, this forest villa is close to Park Headquarters, the place where gorilla treks start. So trek through the day, see the rich biodiversity of this country, and then relax at the luxurious accommodation in the jungle. The unconventional yet holistic experience makes this one of the best African tours.

Experience a luxury camp in Tanzania
Tanzania has a lot of natural beauty waiting to be explored. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in particular, has a lovely luxury camp which offers eight different domed canvas suites. This property is known as The Highlands, and it is the highest altitude camp in the region. It is situated in a remote location, far from the other camps in the area. Being ones of the best properties in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is the top choice for watching wildlife as all game drives are easily accessible. There are numerous activities for guests that they can try straight from the camp itself. This conservation zone is also a top destination for game viewing and offers sightings of black rhinos, lions, wildebeest, and elephants, among other animal and bird species.

Thrilling photography tours in Zambia
If you are a photography enthusiast, then Zambia is the ideal destination for you. The Liuwa Plains National Park in the Western Province of Zambia is one of the leading wildlife destinations in the world. It offers the chance of spotting blue wildebeest pass through during their annual migration. If you are lucky, you may also get to see cheetahs and lions at play. With zebras in abundance and unrivaled bird watching, photography in Zambia should be one of the top experiences to consider when heading on an African tour.

Delta retreat in Botswana
Botswana is another majestic country in Africa. If you are the kind of person who wants to enjoy animal watching through the day and pamper yourself at night, then opt for a retreat in the Okavango Delta. You can go for Sanctuary Chief’s Camp which has 10 bush pavilions and luxury suite. Each of these comes with a terrace pool, private dining area, and an outside seating area. If you want to live it up, then book the New Geoffrey Kent Suite which accommodates six people. The views from here and the game drives and mokoro excursions truly complete the experience.

Additionally, here are some more luxury experiences to consider while planning an African tour:

  • Go whale-watching in Madagascar
  • Go for an air safari through Namibia to see the Namib Desert and the Etosha Pan salt flat
  • Stay at a river lodge in Zimbabwe

Africa has something for everyone. If you like luxury and watching wildlife from a distance, then air safaris are the ideal choice. Similarly, if you love photography, then there are many wonderful spots for that too! Whatever your choice may be, Africa has a thrilling experience awaiting you.