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Top 11 Luxury African Safari Lodges

Top 11 Luxury African Safari Lodges
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Accommodation services in Africa have gone from tents to exquisite pieces of luxury safari. Luxury African safaris have seen unmatched progress during the last century and still manage to retain their adventurous charm and authenticity. Their lodges include tented camps and villas. While one represents the simplicity of the continent, the other offers a rejuvenation experience to travelers.

Luxury African safaris offer more than a unique representation of a rich past and bright future. They offer you the chance to see more, do more, and enjoy more. Some of these options include comfortable vehicular transport, luxury camping, hot-air balloon rides, and air safaris. Hence, luxury African safaris allow you to gaze at wonderful wildlife, and take in top-notch hospitality, adventure, and cultural enrichment in a single trip. To get you started, here are some of the best luxury African safari lodges.

Londolozi Private Granite Suites
Londolozi Private Granite Suites offers ultimate luxury and is situated in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. Three separate classes of suites allow you to gaze upon Sabi River’s granite rocks. The stone walls of the lodge complement its location, making it appear integrated with the terrain. Furthermore, the design of the lodge is enhanced with an elephant-grey, silver, and charcoal color scheme.

Jack’s Camp
Unlike most lodges in Botswana, Jack’s camp is located in the Kalahari Desert as opposed to the usual Okavango Delta. Marvelously decorated tents at this lodge can make any traveler feel like Arabian royalty. The tents also blend in effortlessly with the surrounding semi-desert environment.

Angama Mara 
Angama Mara casts a spell on any traveler with the hypnotic view it offers. It is perched on the Great Rift Valley’s edge. The lodge is divided into two living areas; outside and inside. These areas are decorated with handcrafted furniture pieces that give the place a rustic aesthetic.

Most travelers consider safaris at Chinzombo, a hidden gem in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. It is situated in one of the most untouched naturally beautiful places in Africa and offers amazing walking safaris and serene game viewing experiences. It boasts of six beautiful villas blended into the forest situated next to the Luangwa River.

Singita Sabora
The Singita Sabora is a lodge that effortlessly captures the safari spirit. It is situated in the vast golden plains of the Serengeti. To match the elegance of such a grand location, the lodge is filled with various collectables and vintage furniture. Other parts of its exquisite interior are traditional canvas tents and Persian rugs.

Matetsi River Lodge
Matetsi River lodge belongs to the list of places where you can experience Victoria Falls while on a game safari. Apart from warm hospitality, it pays homage to Zimbabwe’s history in mining by incorporating a red and gold theme with copper and wood. Furthermore, it has incorporated the color blue to signify the famous river Zambezi.

Mombo Camp
Mombo Camp is elevated from the floodplains of the famous Okavango Delta. It serves as a vantage point to observe wildlife. This applies to both the main lobby and your suite. It has nine guest tents that signify elegance and luxury. Moreover, each guest tent has fold-away canvas sides.

Singita Lebombo
The chic lodge inspired by African culture, known as Singita Lebombo, is situated in the famous Kruger National Park. The unique thing about this lodge is that it is suspended over the N’Wanetsi River. It is made of glass walls and provides open spaces for you to get the most out of the scintillating surroundings of the African bush.

Saruni Mara 
Saruni Mara is a luxury lodge in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. It is situated in the hills of the Mara North Conservancy. It offers you five themed accommodations, which allow you to take in magnificent views of the surrounding terrain. These themed accommodations include the Love Shack, the Observatory, the Artist’s Studio, the Literary Room, and The Photographer’s Studio.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
This lodge offers you a view of the edge of the largest intact caldera in the world. If that was not enough to amaze you, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge also offers timeless design and elegance. The lodge comprises of circular clay buildings covered with thatch roofs. This structure creates a welcoming space. Additionally, beaded chandeliers, gilt mirrors, and brocade sofas turn the place into an accommodation fit for royalty.

Royal Malewane
The unique part about the Royal Malewane is its focus on providing high-quality and personalized service. Apart from the accommodation, their services includes butler service and private game drives. The lodge is especially renowned among travelers for being a classic safari lodge that provides some of the most relaxing safari spas of the country.