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Things to Know about Car Rental Coupons

Things to Know about Car Rental Coupons
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Discount coupons may be overrated and may not appeal to those who use these occasionally, but for regular users, they are instruments of saving. From airlines to local establishments, you might find discount coupons for their services. Why are they such a rage? Why do people invest their time and effort to search for coupons and list them? The reason behind this is that when one adds the discounts earned by coupons, the savings earned could lead to significant amounts. There are groups of people and bloggers who track every coupon to save those extra bucks.

The coupons are a perfect example of the saying “every penny saved is every penny earned”. Dollar by dollar, the accrued savings allow people to use the money thus saved for other expenses. There are many websites that offer details on coupons available on groceries, medicines, car rentals, shopping, movie tickets, and dining. Car rental coupons are one of the most sought after coupons. Regular car renters know and are aware where the best and most valuable coupons can be found, which service provider offers the best coupons etc. Tracking such information and updating the latest coupons and sharing it is the favorite pastime and also the job of many.

How do car rental coupons work?
If you have found a coupon code or a promo code that catches your attention, you can use it at the time of reservation, when you checkout. The discounts or benefits will be added to your account. If you have a discount, you will pay the reduced amount at the time of checkout. If you have unlimited mileage, or bonus points or eligibility for a free car day, all this will be added to your account. You can redeem it online or when you visit any of the car rental centers in airports or your locality.

Companies calculate the discount based on the day of booking, the duration, and the place. There could be different rates and discounts for booking from an airport as compared to the suburb. If you are a frequent renter, search for printable or online coupons. There are many websites that list out these coupons and promo codes. Sometimes a combination of these discounts and promo codes could get you a discount as high as 50%. Brad’s deals, Going Awesome Places, Groupon, RetailMeNot are some websites that list out the latest discount coupons of all the leading car rental companies like:

  • Hertz
  • Dollar
  • Thrifty
  • Enterprise
  • Budget Rent a car
  • Avis
  • National Car Rental

Tips to save money using car rental coupons

  • The first thing would be to do is register and create an account for you in the leading car rental companies. Once you register, you are not only guaranteed a vehicle when you reserve one, you also become eligible for reward points, free rental days, car upgrades, and other benefits.
  • Look for discount coupon codes online or printable version. Collate and keep them ready to fill up the details at the time of checkout, online or at the counters.
  • Frequent flyers are eligible for discounts and they help you earn miles. Some car rental companies offer special benefits to people above the age of 50, members of AAA, veterans, and member or partner of particular organizations. Check if you are eligible for any such benefits. This will help you avail of these discounts.
  • Credit or debit cards allow for more discounts based on their tie-ups with certain car rental companies. Ensure that you pay with those credit or debit cards to avail such discounts.
  • Compare prices of multiple car rental services. There are websites which have tools to compare the rates from multiple companies. You can choose that company which gives you a good price without an “inflated” cost. Some companies charge a lot of hidden costs. This comparison tools help you pay minimum amounts for car rents.
    Paying the final amount upfront too helps you to get additional discounts or bonus points.
  • Airport rental cars are convenient but more expensive than the local rental cars that are available within the city. You can travel to the nearest center of the airport and then reserve a car there.
    Avoid additional fees mentioned in the fine print by maintaining the car well. Returning the car clean and ensuring that the fuel level is equal to what was there at the time of delivery are some steps that will avoid additional fee charged from the company.