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Things to Do During Your Vacation in South Africa

Things to Do During Your Vacation in South Africa
South African safari

South Africa is set to become the adventure capital of the world. From scenery to marine life, caves to safaris, the country has a lot to offer! South Africa is known for its physical structures, which include striking landscapes, national parks wherein you can view wildlife, and rugged coastlines. All these attractions will leave you speechless during your vacation. However, what makes this beautiful country stand out from rest of the world is that it has shown resilience and strength to survive some of the harrowing events in history. In this regard, a South African vacation is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime! 

Listed below are a few activities that you must surely do while visiting this country that offers an amazing blend of history, beauty, and adventure. 

Learn about the history of South Africa
Despite facing various heart-wrenching incidents over the past, South Africa’s magic and beauty lie in the strong sense of pride and nationalism that makes the country function today. You must certainly visit the various museums and exhibits on the “Apartheid Era” to gain an in-depth understanding of how far the country has progressed. During your trip, visiting the KwaZulu-Natal Musem is important to help you know about the effects of Apartheid. In this area, you can explore the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, where the great South African leader was apprehended for his anti-Apartheid activism. 

Alternatively, you can spend some time by learning about the historic importance of the Battle of Blood River that happened on the Ncome River banks. In addition, you can also view Robben Island from the waterfront in Cape Town. It has been rated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at this destination. Robben Island does not serve its original purpose of being a prison anymore. Today, it is a museum, wherein ex-prisoners lead guided tours for tourists. 

Surrender to Cape Town’s happening backstreets
The energetic and vibrant city of Cape Town has some spectacular tourist attractions to offer. These include artisan markets such as the Greenmarket Square or Old Biscuit Mill, hidden galleries across the city, magnificent sites of Table Mountain that dominate the skyline, and eateries situated on Kloof Street. On the whole, Cape Town offers diverse yet interesting options for tourists, wherein you can spend hours and surrender yourself to the city’s unending charm.

Say hello to the numerous ostriches in Oudtshoorn
During your vacation in South Africa, you must visit Oudtshoorn, which claims to be the ostrich capital of the world. It is undoubtedly a destination that cannot be missed, where you would get the opportunity to observe these majestic birds in their natural habitat.

Enjoy adventurous activities in Jeffreys Bay
Jeffreys Bay, a laid-back coastal town, is the place to be if you are an adventure enthusiast. Here, you should grab a surfboard and learn surfing from the locals. Experience an adrenaline rush by going bungee jumping at Bloukrans Bridge, which is located just outside of Jeffreys Bay. You can also spend some time sandboarding on the nearby dunes in Jeffreys Bay.

Explore the Drakensberg mountains
The geographically different landscapes of South Africa are some of the best in the globe, and the Drakensberg mountains are a testimony to the same. The tabletop peaks stretch as far as you can see them. You can explore these mountains on foot through various hiking trails. One can also use a 4X4 vehicle that travels up to Sani Pass, which overlooks the Khomazana River Valley.  When you are here, remember to take some breathtaking pictures on your smartphone or carry along a high-quality camera.

Get a glimpse of the “Big Five” at the Kruger National Park
This list will be incomplete without the mention of Kruger National Park, one of the most famous national parks in South Africa. Your South African vacation will be incomplete if you do not visit this iconic national park. Kruger National Park is home to the illustrious “Big Five” animals that include rhino, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and lion. Apart from the Big Five, Kruger has countless other animal species, thereby ensuring that you have an excellent wildlife viewing experience. 

The aforementioned list is a wonderful guide to help you book your South African vacation with your loved ones! If you are looking for a country that offers a wonderful balance of city life, adventure, history, and culture, then South Africa should surely be on your bucket list.