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Senior Citizens’ Guide to Cheap Air Travel

Senior Citizens’ Guide to Cheap Air Travel

As you grow older, traveling gets difficult. However, there can be many benefits of getting older, especially if you are an AARP member. Travelers who are above 65 years of age and a member of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) are eligible for AARP cheap flights. They also get the best tour, hotel, and theater deals.

Not all airlines offer cheap flights for AARP members; however, there are some prominent ones that do so. The typical discount is 10% off on the full fare. Although 10% may sound lucrative, the actual saving may be lower due to an increase in flight charges. However, one can always check for these discounts. Below is a list of airlines that offer senior citizen discount on flight bookings.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines has an extensive program for senior citizens. These bookings can be inquired about or made online or on the phone for both domestic and international flights. You can undergo the required age verification process on the website itself for faster check-in and service. Those who do not undergo the required age verification process have to show proof age at the airport. Though there are some restrictions regarding these senior citizen fares — for e.g., they cannot be clubbed with other deals or offers. So, one should always be aware of these aspects.

American Airlines
American Airlines, along with its regional partner American Eagle, gives significant discounts to senior citizens. However, these discounts are only limited to domestic flights. They still help in saving a lot of money especially if you are a frequent flyer.

British Airways
British Airways does not provide a direct discount to senior citizens. However, if you are a member of AARP then you can avail a discount worth $200. But you should keep in mind that the discount you avail varies for different classes on the flight. You can save $65 on an economy class seat, $130 on premium economy, and $200 on business class booking. The discount is limited to only American citizens flying from the country. You can sign in to your AARP account to avail these discounts.

Delta Airlines
Generally, Delta Airlines do not display their senior citizen discounts online. However, the airline does occasionally have them. They only offer them in certain markets. To know more about the senior citizen discounts and available flights, you can contact Delta Airlines on their reservation line and speak to a representative.

United Airlines
When it comes to United, all you have to do is click on the “senior” tab on their website to avail of senior citizen discounts. These discounts are only available for certain destinations. United Airlines also offers special services and assistance when on-board the flight, such as wheelchair facilities.

Air France
Air France reserves discounts for senior citizens above 60-years of age or older. However, these reduced rates are applicable only in France. Undergoing age verification is mandatory to avail of these reduced rates.

One should keep in mind that there are multiple instances where other seasonal flight deals are much more beneficial than senior citizen discounts. You should always keep an eye for such deals and avail of the lowest possible fare.

Here are certain steps that will enable you to always be in the know about lucrative deals and discounts on airline tickets.

  • Sign up for regular newsletters and alerts from airlines
  • Log in to various travel booking websites like Kayak, Skyscanner, Airfarewatchdog, and many more to avail of best deals for your desired destinations
  • Be flexible, as flying on the evening of a weekday rather than on the weekend will help you save a significant amount on airfare
  • Have knowledge of the various fees levied by the airline
  • Pack light to avoid paying a fee for excess baggage
  • Though deals may seem better than senior citizen discounts, senior citizen fares are refundable and can be canceled with no cancellation fee
  • Ask a family member, preferably a tech savvy one, to help you with reservations, scheduling, and coordinating your travel
  • If possible book a non-stop flight as it lessens the strenuous activity of walking to different boarding gates, prevents missing a flight, and saves time
  • Avoid traveling with regional air carriers as they do not provide connecting bridges, and passengers have to climb stairs to board the plane
  • Avoid traveling early morning or late nights as this may lead to exhaustion
  • Carry your medication in the in-flight baggage and not the check-in luggage
  • If applicable, remember to choose the correct “disability option” when booking your flight tickets.