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Places to Visit When You Go to Africa

Places to Visit When You Go to Africa
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Africa, without a doubt, is one of the world’s best travel destinations. The reasons are quite obvious; it offers a wide range of entertainment options. You can visit crystal blue beaches, breathtaking wildlife, a wealth of culture, and a glimpse into the rich history.

People from all over the world visit Africa every single day. As a result,  tourism in Africa saw a 2% increase by 2014, as stated by the UN World Tourism Organization. This trend continued and the revenue generated from tourism went up to USD 36 billion from a mere USD 1 billion. The Sub-Saharan African countries experience heavy tourist arrivals. The most common reason for travelers to go to Africa is leisure. Most travelers are found to be North American, Asian, and European. 

Additionally, visas between countries of the same African region are not too stringent. You only require a valid passport. This enables tourists to reach major destinations across the continent with ease. These locations include Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, and Rwanda. 

Offering attractions like safaris, city excursions, and beach getaways, Africa is suitable for any person who wants a relaxing vacation. Here are some travel destinations across Africa that you must visit:

Botswana is the perfect place if you are looking for a safari experience. Bordering Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa, Botswana’s main attraction is the Okavango Delta. It is one of the most stunning wilderness locations in the world. Located in the Kalahari Basin, you can bask in the country’s wide range of diverse vegetation and wildlife.

If you desire to explore various cultures and heritages, there is no better place than the Tsodilo Hills. You can visit the villages of the local San people and marvel at the rock paintings that represent thousands of year’s worth of history.

It doesn’t get any better than Kenya for a soothing family vacation. This destination offers game drives, beach getaways, and safaris. The time between October and March is considered the best for a visit to Kenya.

You can enjoy the various retreats at Lamu like yoga retreats. You can also bask in some sun at the marvelous beaches.

You can find various kinds of marine life at the coral reefs of Watamu and Malindi. Similarly, Lake Nakuru is an ideal place for bird watching. Most of all, Kenya offers you a chance to gaze upon the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro.

Visiting Lesotho is all about unwinding in the arms of nature. You can find one of the best wildlife experiences at the grand Maloti Mountains. Furthermore, you can enjoy an exciting ski trip during the winter.

The primary attractions across the country are reserves and parks. At the Sehlabathebe National Park, you can admire numerous birds in their natural habitat. You can also roam around 2,874 meters above sea level to a World Heritage Site known as the Sani Pass. It is situated on the Drakensberg escarpment, which is in between South Africa and Lesotho. 

Morocco is often described as a country with a seamless blend of European and North African aesthetics. This distinction of culture can be credited to its proximity to Europe. 

You must visit the Djemma el Fna market situated in Marrakesh’s Medina quarter to experience the authentic Moroccan culture. It is a one-stop location for any shopper that wishes to purchase artwork or Moroccan fashion. Speaking of tastes, you can lose yourself at the food stalls that offer authentic Moroccan cuisine.

You can also take tours that teach you about Moroccan history and the Berber culture. Here, you can opt for either single day getaways or 16-day excursions. 

Zanzibar can be described as Africa’s own island paradise. The island offers delicious food and crystal clear waters. You can also access other islands situated around this coastal town of Tanzania. 

However, entry into Tanzania requires a visa. You can obtain a visa either on arrival or through the Tanzanian consulate. It may cost around USD 50.

Apart from Zanzibar, you can explore the Pemba Island. It is situated around 100 kilometers away from Zanzibar. Most travelers prefer Zanzibar over Pemba, which is exactly what makes Pemba the ideal location for a rejuvenating and private getaway.  

When you have so many wonderful holiday opportunities to choose from, you don’t need another reason to go to Africa.