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How a Private Jet Rental Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

How a Private Jet Rental Can Be Cheaper Than You Think

If the idea of going through a busy airport fills you with you dread, you might have to consider a private jet rental. The idea of having to arrive at the airport in a fancy car and having designer luggage only to have to go through the slow check-in and security process might sound daunting. Hence, having a private jet rental would make sense. 

The difference between regular air travel and private air rentals is monumental. Normal travelers have to go through a rigorous security check and struggle to pass time until boarding. By booking a private jet, you can simply walk through the terminal and enjoy the comfort of secluded private seats. 

Many believe that traveling in a private jet is something reserved for the uber-wealthy. However, you no longer need to have loads of cash to charter flights. Many new organizations have tried their hand at bringing about changes in the private jet travel sector. Their goal is to make private jets more accessible through various means. One such way is through membership clubs, which reduce the cost of private jets with a group. Here are some of the best ways you can access affordable air charter services:

  • Hire a jet
    Private jet services no longer mean having to own a private jet. A private jet start-up based in California, BlackBird allows you to choose from three classes of charter flights. The first of which is Reserve. This allows you to reserve a seat on pre-scheduled flights. The second, Hitch allows you to book empty seats on small planes for short duration flights. The third option is called Charter. It allows you to hire a private jet charter. The private jet cost is around $1,000. BlackBird reduces its costs by using the regional airport network. This network does not require much charge from the pilots to land. Apart from BlackBird, you could choose an air taxi from Linear Air. They may not own planes themselves, but you can use their site to hail one. They provide you with the option of choosing your closest airport and a plane of your choice. By booking a regular air taxi you get complete access to the plane. You can use this to your advantage by selling any unused seats. This can help you to recover parts of your costs. The largest plane available has only four seats. However, a private plane rental can cost as low as $400 for one passenger. They operate to locations in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • Reserve a seat on a private jet
    Most people who have checked the prices of private jets have chosen to reject the option for one reason or another. However, JetClass is the solution to that particular question. They offer to travel on a business jet for the cost of a ticket for business class. Contrary to popular belief, they do not require a membership fee. You can access their services by just paying the ticket cost. Stated by their website, the company was launched in response to the steady decrease in the quality of business class travel options. The primary focus was on business class options in short duration flights operating to Europe. The idea was to take better efforts towards reducing private jet cost. They offer three private jet models for their service. These include Cessna, Learjets, and Hawker jets. They operate to various European cities like Nice, Milan, and Geneva.
  • Hire a private jet with your friends
    If you wish to travel with a group of friends, you should be aware of Victor. Victor is a UK-based company. It has recently expanded operations in our country. It allows travelers to connect to a network of 7,000 aircraft globally through its app. It also offers you a price comparison. This tells you exactly how much the private jet rental costs. You and your friends can access an affordable private jet rental by examining prices and occupying every seat of a seven-seater aircraft. The price you pay may also be lesser than that of an economy ticket for the same destination. You also earn points for every journey you take with Victor. The points can be used against your next flight. Another option is an app known as Blade. It allows you to connect with people traveling to a common location. You can use it to find people wishing to travel to the same location as you. This allows the group to share the expense of the flight. Additionally, the service will give you a luxurious experience. While normal travelers have to pass their time in the common waiting area, you may relax in one of Blade’s own lounges.