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Factors to consider while choosing the best travel agency for an African safari

Factors to consider while choosing the best travel agency for an African safari
South African safari

The word safari originates from the Swahili tongue and translates to “journey.” It invokes a feeling of adventure and marvelous sights of nature and the natural wonders. Traveling to Africa for a safari vacation is the subject of numerous people’s dreams. The sunrise spreading across the vast plains of the Serengeti, the flowing Mara river, and the excitement of game watching in Botswana are truly sights for city-weary eyes. Driving through these plains looking for majestic lions is a thrill that very few experiences can match up to. It is only seconded by the rush you feel on spotting one of these elegant and regal creatures.

When planning a safari vacation, apart from researching things you want to do and the locations you want to visit like the Himba Trail in Namibia or whether you want to take the Mana Pools National Park Zimbabwe safari, you should research and opt for the best travel agency for an African safari.

Just like every safari is different from the others taken, the companies that offer them also differ. Each agency aims to provide a distinct class of service and maintain an impeccable standard of quality at the same time. No matter how simple choosing a travel agency might sound, it is an important part of ensuring the best African safari experience. To help you with this make-or-break decision, here are some questions to ask while looking for the best travel agency for an African safari:

Do they have excellent communication?
When you are on an African safari, you want a guide who speaks the same language as you do. This means it is imperative to find the best travel agency for an African safari with guides who are fluent in the same language as you. Additionally, the guide should be well-versed in the regional language and should have good communication skills. Having soft skills is an additional advantage as they should be able to speak to the natives who run the resorts you plan to stay at.

Are they passionate about safaris?
Travel agencies often employ staff who are only aware of a single section of the location you are visiting. It is important to find an agency that has ample and all-round experience of the African safari, and having locals as their staff is helpful. For instance, if you are on a Maasai Mara safari, you would be better off with an agency that employs local Maasai guides. Also, look for an agency that appeals to your conviction with their passion for what they do. This will help you get the most out of your trip to Africa.

Do they provide detailed itineraries?
A sign of the best travel agency for an African safari is transparency. The best agencies always maintain clarity on the services they offer and provide customers with package details. These details include all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. On the other hand, if all you receive from an agency’s website are vague descriptions, it could be an alarming sign. It could imply that the agency is outsourcing to unverified ground operators. Furthermore, they could be unsure about certain parts of the trip and not be specific with information.

Do not book a package with an agency until you see a detailed itinerary. If the agency provides you with an itinerary, it implies that the team has a good amount of experience, reputation, and is aware of what you should or should not expect on the trip.

What types of safaris do they offer?
Coming to the heart of the entire matter, you need to know the variety of safaris they offer. This is an aspect of the trip that totally depends on availability. African safaris offer a considerable amount of variety spanning from simple camping excursions to luxurious air safaris. Instead of selecting an agency that offers a standard African safari trip plan, you should look for the best travel agency that can provide you with options to customize and do something out of the ordinary.

How long have they been operating?
Remember to check how long has the company been operating. It is preferable to find an agency that has a long and strong record of exceptional customer service. The duration for which they have been in operation is an indicator of their effectiveness, and an older, more established agency is your best bet.

You should always discuss the various types of safari options an agency offers and know about each one in immense detail before opting for a particular type. The agency you choose should share your goal of creating a safari experience worth your money and time.