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5 Top Websites to Help You Find a Book-Now-Pay-Later Hotel

5 Top Websites to Help You Find a Book-Now-Pay-Later Hotel

Most of us have to often put a hold on our holiday plans due to the high costs that are involved. But, what if you had an alternative? What if you could enjoy a holiday whenever and wherever you please without having to worry about finances? Thankfully, there are many book-now-pay-later hotels to help you enjoy and relax without making a dent in your finances. 

In a book-now-pay-later hotel, you simply can book a room at the rate advertised and reserve your room with a credit card number. However, your credit card does not get charged immediately. It simply acts as a security in case you fail to show up or wish to cancel your booking. You only get charged when you arrive at the hotel. Many hotels also have the option to use a different mode of payment. Ensure that the hotel offers you a price lock; this feature may not be always available. 

Let’s take a look at some travel websites that have book-now-pay-later hotel options.

  • Expedia
    This travel company has created a name for itself in the industry. Once you use Expedia to book your travel and accommodation, you will understand why it is one of the world’s most preferred travel sites. In addition to its plethora of services, Expedia also offers book-now-pay-later hotel options. All you need to do is enter your credit card number and the hotel will only charge you on the actual day of your stay. If you are looking for more perks, Expedia claims to have the best pricing. Additionally, if you find a better deal, the website will refund you the difference plus give you a USD 50 voucher. 
  • Booking.com
    Booking.com is one of the world’s number one websites to book your accommodation anywhere around the world. This website also offers the feature of paying later when you arrive at the hotel. This is really a great alternative for travelers as they can save a lot of money in foreign transaction fees simply by skipping credit card payments on the website and making a payment at the hotel. Also, just like Expedia, Booking.com also offers a difference refund if you find a cheaper deal. 
  • Hotels.com
    This is one of the best websites to book your stay no matter where in the world you are traveling to. Additionally, this website is known for its many offers that can help you save hundreds of dollars if you are a frequent traveler. For instance, you can stay an additional night depending on how often you stay. In case you have collected 10 nights of stay, you get the 11th night for free. Also, there is a price guarantee on the website that confirms if the deal you are getting is the best one available.
  • Trip.com
    With more than 200 countries on its network, Trip.com is the ideal choice for travelers who visit different countries frequently. This website has a wide range of book-now-pay-later hotels. Customers simply have to make their reservations with their credit cards and are charged only when they arrive at the hotel. Their credit card gets billed in the local currency. Additionally, Trip.com allows customers to earn miles or points that they can redeem when making their next booking for additional discounts. Also, the clear and transparent pricing system shows travelers the price breakdown before and after taxes are levied. 
  • Travelocity
    This is yet another website any traveler should consider using. The price match guarantee feature assures travelers that Travelocity gets them the best deal no matter where in the world they are headed to. Additionally, this website also lets you opt to stay at a book-now-pay-later hotel. You simply give your credit card information at the time of choosing the hotel and get charged in the local currency on the day of arrival. Moreover, Travelocity has many promo codes that you can use while making your booking on its app. This website also gives custom travel recommendations to make booking an enjoyable experience. 

Use any of these five websites to snag a hotel deal that matches your budget.